Once I have begun an online course, can I switch to a classroom course? 

No that will not be possible as the online course is maintained on a different platform and is not setup the same as the classroom course with an instructor.  However, if a class is in session, you may check with the instructor to see if there is room for you to audit a class on a particular date.

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Please contact Memphis Real Estate School with any questions you may have.

What should I consider in deciding if the online or the classroom course is best? 

A student selecting online course should consider their environment for studying without distractions at least 2 or 3 hours per session.  Reading from the screen is the downside of online so, the orientation suggests a brief break periodically, as well as taking notes.  Classroom is best if you do not have a dedicated environment or you find it hard to sit and read.  Classroom will allow you to hear the instruction and interact with an instructor. However, you must read the material provided for yourself for a more complete understanding.

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MRES Frequently Asked Questions

What type of questions will be on the license exam?

The license exam is a multiple choice answer exam presented on a computer.  The questions are best described as knowledge of the vocabulary terms, regulations and laws.  Click here for a sample exam question video.

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Is my credit card transaction secure?

Creating a user name and password is an additional protection which channels limited access to a secure side of the provider's portal.
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Are there any restrictions on access to the course portal on different devices?

Internet service is required. The courses are accessible on android, Apple, Ipad and computers using Windows, Mac OS with supported browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.  Other applicable software may include Windows Media Player, Adobe Acrobat, Flash Player, Shockwave and Java. 
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How do I register for the classroom courses? 
""Classroom Register"" is a separate tab page which alerts the school instructor to save your seat once you have paid for the course.  Register for the class dates you plan to attend.  Additional classes are posted for each quarter of the year for your planning convenience.  

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Which courses are required to become a Tennessee real estate licensee? 

The 60 hour Tennessee Real Estate Principles course is the initial course required.  But 90 hours are required, so the 30 hour New Affiliate course must be taken after the 60-hour course and before you send off the application.  Certificates are required as proof.

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Can I complete all the education online without coming into a location? 

You can complete the education entirely online through the online course portal.  See the full license process on page ""Become An Agent"".

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Give Us a Call​

Memphis Real Estate School

What are the requirements for course registration?
Purchase the course with a debit or credit card; setup an account with your legal name; choose an ID and password.
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Real Estate Classes  (901) 213-0300

Where do I obtain an application to apply for the real estate license? 
You cannot request an application for the license.  An application is generated ONLY when you pass the state license exam.  A duplicate application may be obtained from the license examiners if needed.

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Once I register for an online course, can I start it immediately? 

Once the payment is processed, you will have access with the account login you created and should be able to click access my course.  An email will be sent to the address provided with an overview and contact information.  If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check the profile you input for errors; check your spam folder in your email client. 

​Call Tech Support for any access problems.

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How do I take the license exam after I complete the course? 
The school must submit your eligibility once you have passed the course before you can sit for the exam.  If you are taking the course online, then the school will request specific identification to align your eligibility for submission to the State.  The school also, must issue a certificate as proof of completion for your submission to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission with your application.  After you are notified of the course submission, you will need to contact PSI Exams for a test date. 1-800-733-9267  www.psiexams.com

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