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MRES online course portal instructions

You can complete the education entirely online through this portal.  See the full license process on page "Become An Agent".

1. Order the 60 hour Tennessee Real Estate Principles Online course

2. You will get immediate access after you pay and choose an ID and password.

    (Call Tech Support for any access problems.  Email school regard course material)

3. The instructor will be notified of your registration and will email you.

4. You will need to provide your date of birth and social to the school upon request.

                (The 60 hour course requires this to report your completion to the State of Tennessee)

5. You must open and complete each module.  

(Failure to open modules or if you skip modules,  the software will not to allow you to advance to completion.)

6. It is advised to review the quizzes more than once and try to get a better than 90% score for each unit.

7. You must complete a final exam to pass the course.  Prepare to stay at the computer for a couple of hours for the exam.  Inactivity while taking the exam will cause the exam to timeout and you will have to start over.

8. Upon completion, an affidavit must be submitted.

9. The certificate will not be available online.  The school instructor must certify the completion and provide the certificate directly to you.  Allow three (3) business days for processing.

10. The school will report the completion to PSI Exams for your exam eligibility.

11. You must contact PSI Exams for testing.