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The online courses do not require textbooks. 

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Online Real Estate Courses

Online Real Estate Courses

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REQUIRED EDUCATION:  1. Real Estate Principles    or   2. New Affiliate Course

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renewal continuing education courses - (internet courses)

Additional education is required to renew a license every two years.  

*also if a student does not pass the exam, this is approved education for PSI credit.

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Memphis Real Estate School offer Mortgage Loan Origination 

Real estate financing and sales work hand in hand.  Today, much of the process that an agent could do is best suited for the loan officer only.  IF you are interested in working in the mortgage field or want to understand more about working with mortgage financing check out our offered courses.  These courses qualify you to take the NMLS exam for certification and the continuing education to stay licensed.

Your courses are:

  • Approved for mortgage licensing.   
  • No extensive computer experience is needed to sign up and start learning! 
  • Check the state website for registration in Tennessee.


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